Limited Assistance Representation

A few years ago the probate courts in Massachusetts saw an explosion of parties representing themselves. These people, referred to in the courts as Pro se, were often lost in the process of navigating the legal system.

The courts started a new program, whereby attorneys could be retained on an issue by issue basis. Once trained by the courts, we were able to make ourselves available to litigants by assisting with paperwork, providing legal advice, or appearing at hearings.

As a LAR attorney, I have been able to assist people who could not afford to retain my services from complaint to trial. Instead, when faced with an issue that a party feels they need assistance with, I am able to work with the client on that aspect of their case.

Since this provision went into effect, I have assisted clients with:

  • Drafting documents
  • Responding to discovery requests
  • Attending depositions
  • Appearing at motion hearings
  • Drafting pre-trial memorandums
  • Appearing at pre-trial conferences
  • Negotiating settlements

If you feel that you may benefit from the assistance of an LAR attorney, contact Julie K. Murphy for an appointment.

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